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Zack Young

I started my journey into coaching when I first discovered Tony Robbins in 2011. His work deeply changed my life and opened my eyes. Now aware of the world of coaching and eager to learn how it could help me, I hired my first coach in 2012. After 12 months, I had achieved some very interesting results and was hungry to equip myself with the skills needed to deliver such results for others.

This led me into the world of Neuro-linguistic Programming (or NLP) & Performance Coaching which I intensively studied in 2014. Prior to starting this journey, almost my entire academic background was within the realms of Psychology & Social Science. More recently I’ve continued my personal development with courses delivered by the University of Stanford, California. Specifically; coaching as a leadership skill, the Science of Willpower & Change and the Seven Dimensions of Human Wellness.

Since 2015, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life as their coach. My work has involved asking powerful questions which have triggered massive action, developing strategies and roadmaps for major life changes & tackling obstacles which are preventing growth.

To ensure I can deliver the most value, I tend to only work with; entrepreneurs, freelancers & those experimenting with lifestyle design. It’s important that as a coach I can not only provide strategy, framework & accountability to you, but also understand may be ahead.

Coaching is a powerful tool which has changed my life. It’s not counselling or positive motivational talk, but deep work to deliver results. It involves personal commitment and some work to understand what outcomes you want to achieve.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together, let’s talk.

If you’re not ready for a coaching relationship, I recommend you read my book  ‘Learning to Wake Up‘ available on Amazon on Kindle or as a Paperback.  It’ll make you aware of and help you take control of the major limiting factors in your life holding you back from making the changes that you seek.

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