Sometimes you need to fire your client.

If a client relationship becomes painful for too long.

If the terms of your relationship make you feel a little sick.

Did they push your rate down so much it hurts?

Are they constantly challenging to work with?

Does the scope of work constantly change without any thought for the consequences?

Do they fail to communicate important information?

Do they never pay you on time?

It’s time to fire your client. 

I’ve had my fair share of clients which have been challenging & I constantly meet people who hate some of their clients. If you’re in this position, by ending the relationship with a painful client you open yourself up to new opportunity.

It’s not just about time and money, it’s about respect. Some clients work with people like they are robots and that is just not cool.

You’re worth more. Respect yourself enough to say goodbye. 

What is the opportunity cost of you wasting 6, 12, 18 months with a client which doesn’t respect you? What could you of built in this time?



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