Learning to Wake Up.

Yesterday I uploaded the final edit for my book ‘Learning to Wake Up‘.

I wrote this book after so many people were asking me how I become a digital nomad, get to work with clients all over the world & travel full time. Unlike other books which focus on the logistics, I wanted to cover the personal transformation one must go through.

Through the book I share my personal story – successful in many ways but unfulfilled. I was¬†living within the system and chasing everything which I’d come to believe was important. I thankfully found a way out and created a much more fulfilling life which was built around freedom. Becoming a digital nomad enabled me to embrace the values of minimalism and provided me with so many opportunities.

I’m asked by people all over the world¬†how¬†they can travel full time, earn money through the internet & break free. I discovered¬†the challenge for the majority of people isn’t in the logistics but in the¬†mindset. That’s what this book is about, breaking free from legacy thinking – creating a fresh space for you to build your own freedom and fulfilment. Whatever freedom & fulfilment¬†means for you.¬†We’re truly living in a time where anything is possible, globalisation has opened the world up for us – if you’re looking to change things up and¬†live life on your own terms then this book is for you.

Following an introduction & my personal story, I share with you some key concepts followed by the 4 steps to break free. In these 4 steps we explore limiting beliefs which are restricting your potential and not serving you. Rather than just list these limiting beliefs, I ask you a series of questions – so you can establish what isn’t serving you, then help you form an action plan to apply your new thinking to¬†reshape your own life strategy.

You can pre-order the book now, it’s available on Amazon here:¬†Learning to Wake Up

The book can be accessed on all Kindle devices, iPad/ iPhone & Android devices.



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